“Thanks Don! We just landed but we look forward to hearing from Jordan and to continued excellent property management service from McEntire Realty.  We have always enjoyed both our professional relationship and your friendship throughout the years. We definitely want you to represent us in any future real estate sales or purchases we may make.”

"Hi Don,
 It was a drag having to replace two appliances in one month. However, Jordan was instrumental in assisting us in the purchases and overseeing the installations. He's a real asset to your company and we truly appreciate all his patience and professionalism. Mahalo!"

"Hi Don,   Karen speaks very highly of you and shared that you have expanded your operations.  I’m glad to hear that, and I’m also glad the family is happy with the house.  Nice job getting it rented so quickly to a good client, I really appreciate that.  I am so glad things lined up as well as they did, through your fine reputation no doubt!  You’re not pushy at all, but rather match folks up nicely with the places they like and can afford.

Thanks for your assistance with the dishwasher repair also. I am so glad it turned out to be a simple fix and that you have such a good handyman to take care of these things, even if he had to pull the unit to see the problem.  Here's to the start of a long, positive and rewarding relationship for both of us! Thanks again for the great service! I’m looking forward to working together."
Mike L.

"Excellent job bringing this rental to a successful conclusion! You seem to have a very good feel for the rental market. All of your decisions seem appropriate and reinforce your good judgment and intuition for the market. I really appreciate your personal style in managing the rental. I hope the tenants appreciate all that you have done as much as I do. Mahalo!”Owners Testimonials

"We would like to say Mahalo! We have enjoyed working with you and you have done a great job managing our home. Your patience and professionalism during the process of selling the property made it even more of a pleasure to have you as a managing agent/Realtor. If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to contact or email us. Wishing you nothing but success and good fortune."
Tony and Tracy

"Thank you very much Don! Your integrity is very evident and it is a real pleasure working with you."

“Thank you for your quick and prompt addressing of the problem. I realize our business relationship has been very short, but I'm very glad that I chose to go with you and your company. Your professionalism and courtesy has been stellar, and if a problem such as this occurs, you are right on it and make sure it gets resolved. I realize now the mistake was made on my end, and you could have very easily said so. But you didn’t, and for that I give you a big MAHALO! I know you don't need me to blow smoke. I just thought it’d be nice for you to know when a client is happy and impressed with your work.”