Our McEntire Realty tenants are so appreciative of the quality and condition of our rentals, and our responsive management style, that they routinely insist upon continuing to rent from us if they outgrow the size of theirMaui Property Rentals current rental, or if the owner is removing their rental from our inventory for any reason.

Our tenants know our management approach is refreshingly unique and different, and they fully understand that having a property manager that is so responsive and detail-oriented is not always easy to find on Maui.

We are pleased to see this type of tenant loyalty, and we know it comes from being treated with utmost courtesy and respect, regardless of the potentially anxious or stressful situations that property managers and tenants sometimes encounter together.

We not only take excellent care of our properties, but of our tenants as well. We pride ourselves on providing the same high level of quality service to our tenants that we do to our owners, or when facilitating a sales transaction (which we have done with many of our former tenants).

We have connections with the best and most dependable contractors and maintenance companies on Maui, who give us priority treatment when quickly scheduling and maintaining your rental property in the best condition possible.

Services Provided:

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