Prior to becoming the brokerage firm that has successfully represented over 150 Maui buyers in their purchases totaling more than $200,000,000 worth of real estate, the principals at McEntire Realty purchased a lot of real estate themselves over the past 30 years. Unlike others in our industry, buying and investing in real estate preceded our entry into real estate as a brokerage firm. Buying Maui Real Estate

These dozens of personal purchases have ranged from small $50,000 fixer uppers on the mainland, to a $2,785,000 luxury Wailea home used as a personal residence. They have included cash purchases, conventionally financed purchases, FHA purchases, LLC purchases, partnership purchases, seller-financed purchases, and combinations of conventional and seller-financed purchases.

We feel this personal buying experience is highly relevant because just being an agent in a real estate transaction is significantly different from being a principal in a real estate transaction, in more ways than just the risk and reward.

The significance of this difference is reflected in a magnified and enhanced ability to more competently represent a buyer in their purchase transaction. In other words, we are able to go beyond the "telling" that most agents become proficient with, and demonstrate the “showing" that only a buyer/investor becomes proficient with.

In our opinion, an agent who has not purchased and owned a lot of real estate will be at a distinct disadvantage when representing a buyer in their purchase. McEntire Realty simply approaches every client’s purchase transaction as if we were making the purchase ourselves, even if that means recommending to our client for various reasons that they not make the purchase.

This may seem like a contradictory statement for a real estate brokerage firm to make, but our clients appreciate our forthright and honest approach. If the purchase is right and fits the buyer that is considering it, then we will say so. But if we feel otherwise, then we will also say it.
All purchases are ultimately the primary decision of the principal, of course, but we wouldn’t feel like we were representing our client’s best interest if we didn’t speak up when we feel the purchase isn’t right, or could be better.

The one thing you can always count on when having McEntire Realty represent you in a purchase is that you will get experienced and honest representation, without sales pressure. We will educate, facilitate and negotiate for you, but we will never pressure you or manipulate your decision for our own benefit.

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